We hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July! Don't forget that we are offering free framing with our framing partner @simplyframed throughout July! Our prints are limited editions and people are really jumping on board with the free framing! Once a print sells out, there aren't anymore! Happy Monday! Xoxoxo #awbprints #simplyframed #flowers #florography #sale

About once a year I let out my secret Type A and go to town. #hopehouse is starting to feel like home. Ordered some new light fixtures to get rid of the boob lights, some new linens for our bed, my #realaustralianssaywelcome print is being framed, about to order some wallpaper for our ceiling #awbwallpaper, having a sticker party for the playroom, and I made a list of the hundreds of other things to get done. Whew. @julielansom gorgeous pendant light, @keithkreeger #kkforever in the spotlight on the bookshelves, 2 of my favorite @katherinesandoz mini paintings, a little handmade @petrinaturnerdesign hangs from a book, @iamannathomas on the wall, @maisonbalzac @doctorcooper have a little home there too. And my fave @megan_morton book is easy to grab.My beautiful Ramundo hangs at the end of the dining room and will eventually be flanked by the wicker chairs that my parents bought when first married-now pink!

Today I felt like creating a little altar. I found this beautiful saint in San Antonio when Brad and I were there for our babymoon-that feels like a lifetime ago. I can't remember her name-the saint. I put all of my candles around her and said a little prayer/thought good thoughts for Cristen Daniel and Jonathan McComb.

"She stood in the storm, and when the wind did not blow her away, she adjusted her sails." Elizabeth Edwards For those of you who are new to my feed, my husband takes a photo of me showing my scar every year in June 30th-the anniversary of our head-on collision. It isn't pretty but the results certainly are. The accident happened just minutes away from where the Wimberley Floods happened this year. There are so many coincidences in both for them to actually be coincidence. Our accident was 3 years ago today. Many things have happened since then and I do suffer from chronic pain, but the good so outweighs the bad. I am so lucky/blessed to still be on this earth. #survival #wimberleystrong #scars you can read more about my story on my site

Currently obsessing over Creamy in this gorgeous handmade metal frame from my friend in Austin, Bill Lanier. The print is printed on aluminum-woah! It is 27.5"x30.5". It is the perfect combination of masculine and feminine! Let me know if you are interested! It is one of a kind! Xoxo #awbprints #flowers #florography