@beingbyrd and I were looking up at the beautiful moon tonite sending optimistic thoughts and lots of prayers to our friends that are missing in Wimberley, TX right now. Please, if you could take one minute to pray for our friends and that they are found alive it would be so appreciated. If you want to know what I am talking about Google Wimberley floods. 8 of our friends have not been found since last night. We are praying for you Ralph, Sue, Michelle, Randy, Will, Laura and your sweet children.

A personal favorite image captured by the wildly talented @ellabendrups at my #florography class in Melbourne. So grateful know her. Thank you @theschoolinstagram for the intro and the overall wonderful experience. I've you @megan_morton

How awesome for @beingbyrd's first shoot that she is getting her makeup done by the most talented @cmmejerle! Woodson is here too-doing what they do best-playing siblings who play and fight on screen!

Had such a great day today with @haleysheffield who came over to photograph my collab with the ever so talented @copper_and_torch. Bar tray beauties so yummy! #copperandtorch #ashleywoodsonbaileyprints

Narcissus #ashleywoodsonbaileyprints #florography #flowers I left Melbourne yesterday in Australia but today in LA-so bizarre to time travel-especially when you watch all the #janethevirgin and movies that make you cry on the 14 hour flight and you decide not to sleep because you are finally on Sydney time! Delirium has set in-can't get to Atlanta quick enough!

Fringe #florography #flowers I am on my first leg back to the states and while I am ready to return home, see my kids and my dogs and my husband and friends, I am sad to leave what I now consider my second home in Australia. #sydney #melbourne you are both wonderful and gorgeous. Thank you for welcoming me with such open arms. I can not wait to return.

Today @petrinaturnerdesign offered to take a photo of my head so I could see what I had done with the pink dye (did it myself this morning) and she managed to get my new pink @gormanclothing shoes in the image as well. I am forever and always a flowering pink bloom. #flowers #florography @est_studios @theschoolinstagram @megan_morton #melbourne #aussie