Flower lovers-today is the last day of the 30% off sale! I will not have another sale until the holidays. I have had 3 sales back to back because I have had so many wonderful things happen and wanted to share them with all of you-spread the love if you will! Lots of wonderful things are in the works for Fall too! Oh my goodness I am so excited-life is truly good. Pick your flower. Enter 200MILL at checkout-AND I now offer free domestic shipping! Woohoo! Love you-Ash #ashleywoodsonbaileyprints #luckygirl

And just like that, we've got a shop. Bringing a little cool. A little fresh. A little something different to the Marietta Square. Details coming soon-can hardly wait to share. #boxtreedesigns #copperandtorch #ashleywoodsonbaileyprints #luckygirl

I love when someone reminds me that I am in The September Issue of @theatlantan!!!!!! Thanks you @elizabethsrorh for the write up. Yes-there was an image attached but I wanted everyone to be able to read the article! @annmashburn event coming in October! Can hardly wait! Xoxo

So friends- I am reaching out to all of you because I am seriously missing my pink hair. I left it because I was wanting a more natural look but I was also hoping to spend less $ on my hair maintenance. Hair is sort of my thing-even though I don't have much of it. Opinions welcome

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So yesterday was the first day if pre-school for Woodson. As you can see on the left, he wasn't thrilled by the idea. He refused to wear a shirt. The photo on the right was taken today-the second day of school. While he still wasn't entirely thrilled today, at least I kept a shirt on him. #manaftermyownheart

Today is brought to you by #winterfactory #sweetwilliam and #potterybarnkids as well as a rested @beingbyrd who somehow ended up in my bed in the middle if the night and didn't remember that she walked herself down the stairs to snuggle with me #huntinghouse #luckygirl

The non glamorous part of the job.....shipping. Gosh it is difficult for me. Just drove to Uline for the hundredth time trying to figure out how to get you your images the best way! #progress #ashleywoodsonbaileyprints