Well....last night was amazing. Thank you dear friends and new faces that came to the beautiful @sidandannmashburn for my show. @ginnybranch is the dreamiest friend a girl could ask for, @gatherco is the world's most amazing helper and opinion giver in the greatest sense of the word, @veryfinesouth my friend-I mean, I am being lucky. The bags are so much more than I imagined they would be. @danapoor @copper_and_torch I love you girls like you were my sisters and @hableconstruction that voice-I am coming to Athens asap to spend the night and hang with you and bird and @tamiramsay. What a very very special evening. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart! Now on to @shop200mill!!!!!! Oh and the guy in this picture-he's pretty damn fantastic. #ashleywoodsonbaileyprints #luckygirl

Tonight's the night to come see myself and @ginnybranch at beautiful @sidandannmashburn store! My artwork, notecards, holiday cards and bags that I designed with @veryfinesouth will be available for purchase! Come have sips and snacks and shop if you'd like! I am so excited! Xoxo Ash

So this is Byrd. If you don't know Byrd yet, she is my very independent, extremely stubborn, absolutely loving daughter who also likes to sing. She is currently raising money for her elementary school, Eastvalley. All money goes directly back into the school to fund the science teacher and help to purchase more iPads for the kids. @beingbyrd will sing a song of thanks to each of you who donate to her school, whether it be $1 or $1000. The highest donor gets to pick the song she sings-must be appropriate and please note this will take a bit to learn! The campaign ends October 31st and the link is in my profile! Thanks ahead of time!!!!!!! #eastvalley #luckygirl #donate

Umm, Yep-I get to sit here all day and look at this beautiful wall and shelf. @copper_and_torch makes the nicest glass Art and @honeycombstudio has some of the coolest ceramics in Atlanta. PS-this is all at @shop200mill and we are getting super ready to open our doors real real soon!

Alright campers, we've got a sold out class tomorrow! Come rain or shine, it's on! I can't wait to meet you all! @campworkshops #ashleywoodsonbaileyprints @shop200mill

@gardenandgun @haskellharris Thank you. From the very bottom of my heart. I am so honored. Everyone go to to read the article that the very talented Haskell wrote about me. I'm tell you-dreams do come true. #ashleywoodsonbaileyprints #gardenandgun #southern #luckygirl