Just got ALEX and it is so dreamy in person. If you are wanting to learn how to take images with your iPhone or want to make a beautiful arrangement don't forget to sign up for my #pickyourflower class on my website! Only a few spots left! Xoxo

Ok Atlanta-looking for some pretty, old fashioned looking girls to shoot for a project. Ages 4-8. Email me and please include an image. #girlseries #ashleywoodsonbaileyprints

Many of you don't know where my passion and drive comes from, or my complete honestly and open book policy. Life is funny. Bad things do happen to good people and that is ok. These things teach us lessons we desperately needed to learn. Read all about it-link in profile. Beautiful image captured by my amazing friend @brookeschwab #luckygirl

Friends! I am so happy! As if this morning I have had 100 sales in my site! What a wonderful feeling it is to feel such love and respect from all of you! So in honor of reaching this milestone in 6 short months I am offering everyone 10% off until midnite Tuesday night Pacific Standard Time! Enter 100sale at checkout! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love y'all-seriously. #ashleywoodsonbaileyprints #florography

On the staircase #ashleywoodsonbaileyprints @shop200mill #florography #luckygirl Only 67 more days until I land in Sydney to hang with @megan_morton and teach @theschoolinstagram I am so excited! Saturday classes are sold out but there a few spaces left on Sunday! We had to add a 4th class! Thank you all of you wonderful Australians for making this Texas gal feel loved! I just can't wait! #florography

Cait #ashleywoodsonbaileyprints some good stuff is coming off my new iPhone. Thank you everyone for tuning in and the support for my hospital scare. Thankfully that was all it was-a very scary moment in time. I am free and clear of anything with the letter C. Xo